Car Repairs Manchester

At SK Autocare Car Repairs Manchester, we pride ourselves on offering the best car servicing available. We are open and transparent with out competitive prices because we are looking to achieve one thing: customer satisfaction.

We’re proud to offer a best-in-class service that will ultimately result in your vehicle’s great shape and therefore also your happiness and safety.

Car servicing is often confused with MOT but they are two very different things. An MOT is actually just a safety inspection and doesn’t check for issues such as general wear and tear of various vehicle parts and fluids.

Getting your car regularly serviced is essential in ensuring that your car performs to it’s maximum potential and doesn’t get burdened by small issues that could potentially become hazardous to both yourself and others.

The price you pay for the service will result in more saved money on car repairs in the future.

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Car Servicing FAQ’s

Which car service should I choose for my car?
SK Autocare delivers full, major and interim car services. We can tell you exactly what car checks are included within each of them. All you need to do is make an enquiry!

Don’t I have to get my service from a main dealer?
Ever since 2003, motorists are not required to get their vehicle serviced by a franchise dealer during the warranty period. However, you are required to get your car serviced to the correct schedule and using manufacturer approved parts. With SK Autocare Car Repairs Manchester, you get that.

What if additional work is needed?
If we complete your car service and find out that it will require further repair or replacement work, we won’t simply thrown you a bill. SK Autocare will always contact you to get authorisation before we begin working on the required repairs.

Without your authorisation, no work will be completed. That is an SK Autocare guarantee.